Solo Loop Band for the Apple Watch

Jan 27 2021

Solo Loop Band

There are a lot of bands out there for the Apple Watch, and now Apple has brought us yet another. The Apple Solo Loop Band

sport loop

This band for the Apple Watch Series 6 features a single loop. Think of it like a fitted cap, you need to find your right size for it to fit fight but unlike a fitted cap, it does stretch which allows it to go on and off easily.

And it’s weird calling this waterproof like Apple mentions, but it is, I prefer to call it sweat proof, or quick drying if it gets wet. In any case, they come in a large variety of colors, they do not feature a buckle of any kind, so it will look and feel distinctly different while on the wrist.

Solo loop band


There is also a braided version, which features recycled yarn, and will come in five colors in total. It, too, doesn’t feature a buckle.


This new Solo Loop silicone and braided band will be available along with Apple’s wide array of first-party band options. 

Here is our recommendation for third Party Solo Loop Band:

See the Strawberry Apple Pies Solo Loop Bands on Amazon. 

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