Blue Carved Aluminum Metal Wallet

Brand: Slim Wallet Company

  • $27.95


A simple, timeless and unmistakably unique design.

These minimalist wallets are step in the opposite direction on conventionality, with the protection of RFID blocking technology.

 These aluminum wallets, were designed by me for a reason. It all started when my credit card information was stolen and close to $200 was stolen from my account. I learned about RFID hacking and how easy it is for your credit card to be scanned even without such a person even seeing or touching your cards.

The thick aluminum plates of these wallets provide a solid and secure Farday effect and provides one of the best defenses against Rfid Hacking.

The fact is, not all RFID blocking wallets are created equal. The shielding available in a lot of the Rfid wallets available may prove to be useless against some of the more powerful scanners.

The thicker plates of these wallets are unmatched. They're designed to look as good as they function.

Designed to hold around 5 cards+ cash.

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