No Touch Baby Fever Thermometer

Brand: Slim Wallet Company

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No Touch Baby Fever Thermometer

A no-touch baby thermometer with built in alarm if baby's temperature is within fever range.

- Both ear and forehead can be measured
- Automactically change the Forehead Model (EAR Aodel) when you install the cover (take off the cover)
- Automatically power-off after 60 seconds no operate
- One-key measurement, easy to use
- Alarm for fever
- Memory storage: 12 test results
When taking temperature from different parts of your body, it is normal to obtain a slight variation in the temperature readings. An ear (tympanic) temperature is usually 0.5-1°F (0.3-0.6°C) higher than an oral temperature, whereas a forehead (temporal) temperature is usually 0.5-1°F (0.3-0.6°C) lower than an oral temperature. Therefore, it is normal to get 1-2°F (0.6-1.2°C) difference between an ear measurement versus a forehead measurement. This is not due to the inaccuracy of the thermometer.
How To Use:
1. Inset the battery, press the Start button, all symbols appear on the display, 1 second later it appears the temperature measured last time, the sign "M" appears at the same time.
2. The sign "M" disappear, forehead/ear indicator appear, it meas the place you measured last time, then the temperature unit flickering, now is the measuring interface.
3. Test Forehead Temperatrue: Keep the cover on the device, press the "measuring" button till a "Beep" sound from the speaker. Measuring program starts. Keeping device in position for one second after two "Beep" sounds, the temperature value will show on screen along with the Forehead model symbol.                                                                             
4. During next 6 seconds when test result lasting on the screen, user can no longer make a measurement until a sound of "Beep" aural reminder.
5. Test Ear Temperature: Take off the cover, the model will change as the Ear Model automactically, ith the subject's head upright, take hold of the outer part of the ear, gently pull back and upward to straighten the ear canal, put the probe to ear canal slowly till the body of device stay completely close to ear canal.
5. No operation in 60 seconds, the device will record the last measuring data and shut down automatically.
The thermometer sensor is extremely sensitive. Any dirt and/or oil will prevent an accurate measurement. Check and clean the sensor regularly. The surface should be reflective and gleaming. If it is dull and lackluster, please clean the sensor with a q-tip cotton swabs (preferably soaked with alcohol).
How to change from ºC to ºF
Pressing down the "Power" button for 3 seconds when the device in off state, the unit will be switch between ºC/ºF automatically
Package Content
- Retail Box X 1
- Infrared Thermometer X 1
- User Manual X 1
Note: Batteries not included

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