Sep 18 2016

ENTP: ESTP but nerdier, INTP but louder, ENFP but cooler, ENTJ but funnier and less competent
ISFP: ESFP but softer, INFP but calmer, ISTP but lovelier, ISFJ but colder
INTP: ENTP but chiller, INTJ but lazier, INFP but not crazy, ISTP but unfashionable
INFP: ENFP but sadder, INTP but creative, ISFP but pensive
INTJ: ENTJ but patient, INTP but diligent, ISTJ but pretentious, INFJ but colder
ENTJ: INTJ but aggressive, ENTP but practical, ESTJ but dangerous, ENFJ but hardier
INFJ: INTJ but tactful, ISFJ but analytical, INFP but involved, ENFJ but pensive

ESTJ: ESTP but reliable, ENTJ but obsessive, ESFJ but analytical, ISTJ but involved

ESTP: ISTP but confrontational, ESFP but independent, ESTJ but irresponsible, ENTP but with a police record

ISTJ: ESTJ but independent, INTJ but street-smart, ISFJ but cynical, ISTP but completely neurotic

ISFJ: ISFP but stubborn, ESFJ but humble, INFJ but practical, ISTJ but friendlier

ENFP: INFP but more energetic, ESFP but dreamier, ENFJ but flakier, ENTP but likable

ESFP: ESTP but personable, ENFP but flamboyant, ISFP but energetic, ESFJ but flighty

ISTP: ESTP but distant, ISTJ but unreliable, INTP but cool, ISFP but blunt

ESFJ: ISFJ but hedonistic, ENFJ but impulsive, ESTJ but friendlier, ESFP but overbearing

ENFJ: INFJ but manipulative, ENFP but deliberate, ESFJ but premeditated, ENTJ but charming


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