10 Ways To Cleverly Use Maps In Your Home Decor

Sep 08 2016

Maps, yes you read it right, the very simple and ordinary navigation pieces can act as one evergreen interior decor element that will never go out of style and will always be useful.

World Map Wall Canvas Art

Maps can help to reflect the different time periods and also act as unconventional design pieces for your home. By narrowing down the detailed styling and colors of the map, either with a minimal or an extensive look, the maps can be an unforgettable and versatile decor piece for your space.

Today, we are listing 10 ways how you can style your space using this unconventional decor element.

1. Map on the Anchor Wall

You can try and custom print an old map into the size of the wallpaper and give the wall behind your bed a rustic and classical upgrade.

2. Colorful Old Map

World Map Wall Canvas Art

The old map in vibrant color hung over the chair, bench or cabinets in your home can give a vintage impression to your home without trying too hard. Go with a frame-less look to further accentuate the raw and unadorned appearance of the map.

3. Map as the Backdrop in Living Room

A neutral shade classic styled world map can act as a brilliant wallpaper and an excellent backdrop for your sofa in the living room. The soft colour will help to balance and neutralize the interior space, plus will also keep you a bit informed about the world geography.

4. Vintage Map

World Map Wall Canvas Art

A vintage map can act as a perfect piece to visually designate a separate space for a specific function in any room. Try and add a vintage map and bring a individual touch to your space.

5. Colorful Pull Down School Map

World Map Wall Canvas Art

A colorful pull-down school map can act a perfect minimal piece to bring in the required pop of color to the plain look of your walls. You can decide on the finish and size of the map as per your personal preference.

6. Paint the Map

World Map Wall Canvas Art

There is no standard way to include the map in your home. If you don’t love the wallpaper or pull down map look, try the canvas printed map. Include the complete map by combining three separate canvases. The put together arrangement will help to give an nice touch to your space.

7. Layered Appearance of Map

World Map Wall Canvas Art

If you have a map lying around in the home in very poor condition, one way to upscale it with subtle hints of text works and other textural elements such as simple and neutral frames.

8. Unique Style

World Map Wall Canvas Art

The unique style of map in the earthy tones of brown and cream make the appearance of map smooth and soft. Placed in between four concentric circles, the map gets an unusual touch with the detailed artwork grouped on the backdrop.

9. Textural Map in Kid’s Room

World Map Wall Canvas Art

A colorful textural wallpaper in kid’s room can be an artistic inclusion to help the kids feel energetic and well informed. Instead of going with the standard design of the map, you can try and outline the world map on the wall and fill it with varied styles and prints of wallpaper in the inside.

10. Frame a Small Map

World Map Wall Canvas Art

Framing a small and relatively old black and white map and placing it on your desk can help to style up your work-space and make it the focal point of your desk.

With the multitude of designs and styles available, these versatile and unusual styling pieces can help to express and conceive a varied or eclectic impact on your home.

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